Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ladies, Beware...

As previously communicated, my girl has a thing for bags, just like her momma.


If she gets her grubby hands on them...


She WILL nose through them


And all its contents


The best part is seeing her throw aside things that do not interest her


She's very into "What's in your bag?" segments.

Consider yourself forewarned.


MrsKBJ said...

Madison loves to do that too! She has a few of my old wristlet purses she likes to play with. She loves to wear and walk around in my shoes too!

msihua said...

I can so see her telling u off for not getting her that Chanel bag!!!

Jenny said...

Becareful of the coins!!!

bagfashionista said...

hua -- errrmmm....actually..............=D

Darnelle said...

I like her nosing though your bags and taking out money!