Monday, May 31, 2010

Izzy's Table


This little guy has been hanging out in our garage since last fall, patiently waiting to be painted.

We bought it from the ReStore for $10, with the intention of perhaps using it as a table for Isabel to have her little tea parties on it
(oh yes, I am DEFINITELY looking forward to that stage. More so if I can get my husband to dress up in a tutu =D)


Until then, it's perfect as an impromptu living room table that can be easily moved or tucked away.


I love the detailing on it, and the height is perfect for Isabel


MrsKBJ said...

I love it! I am working on a desk since last fall, the sanding is almost done!:)

Holly and Sean said...

$10?? That is a steal!!! I love it Steph~ I really want to see the whole room (your hutch in the back is beautiful!). I am looking forward the tutu, party stage so much too! Izzy and Wren are getting to be big girls already, it's insane how fast this year is going by!

Thanks for linking in~