Saturday, May 29, 2010

Did You Know?


It's a long weekend here this week. THANK GOODNESS!


We set up shop in the living room with a little table & chair to get some serious coloring done.

Love "My Little Pony"! ($1 at Target - They have "Hello Kitty!" too. We got one of those too)


Isabel had a grand old time picking up different colors (Everything is PURPLE! to her)


Trying to be efficient by coloring with both hands at once


I think she loves finally having furniture that's her size. The table has been sitting in the garage for about 6 months. Finally decided to finish painting it.

And I foresee lots of bubble time this weekend.



Jenny said...

Good!I was thinking of buying colouring and sticker books for her.Afraid that you think I am too ambitious!

julie said...

wow! Conner just eats crayons. LOL. The difference in boys and girls amazes me. He'd rather chase the dog and throw balls or hit them w/the bat than color!

bagfashionista said...

lol - julie - isabel will sit down and do puzzles too! ;)

she chases the dog occasionally, but for the most part, will run up to him, laugh hysterically, then run away, and repeat.

Darnelle said...

Did Isabel do that Pretty Star the pony? If it is, her work is really NEAT!!! :D

Darnelle said...
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