Sunday, May 02, 2010

I'm Famous!

Well....not really. Far from it, actually. But sometimes it's nice to play pretend.

We went down to NYC last week to go to Purl Soho's grand opening of their new store - they had a customer appreciation week that day too...Love the store (and the macaroons they had at the party!)

I made it on their site...See if you can find me!

And remember the very first quilt I made for Margaret's Hope Chest?

There it is! Quilt # 364
You can see all the other quilts here


Jenny said...

That's my girl!

Jenny said...

Are you in the 2nd pic?The one who is looking down at something?You must bring me there!Lucky you were not in NY this last weekend!!!

Darnelle said...

What a lot! they are all really pretty!!!